Customers Say

We are proud to provide Antiochia products to the greater Lehigh Valley area. The soaps and accessories are fantastic – our customers love them, and keep coming back for more! We align with the company’s mission to provide natural, pure products, and find Antiochia to be a valuable partner in our business success

Loretta LaRose, owner LaRose Boutique, Inc.

Customers Say

The eco-wraps were my favorite purchase this summer! With a family of 5, I needed beach/pool towels that were compact and easy to transport to and from the pool and beach. I also loved how quick they would dry in the sun. I could have them folded and put away in no time! When it was time to do wash, i could actually fit my towels, bathing suits and other laundry in the machine. With my old cotton towels, that would have been 2 loads. Drying an eco-towel in a dryer takes as much time as a about eco-friendly. I highly recommend these towels to everyone with a family. It saves space and money!

Christina H.